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Orange Sarape from Colectivo Artesanal Mi Cielito Lindo from San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico

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Authentic artisanal textiles from Mi Cielito Lindo Collective in San Juan Teotihuacan, Estado de Mexico. A backstrap loom is used by artisans to weave intricate patterns on wooden looms. A symbol of Latino Pre-hispanic Culture, its use has been diverse, from men's wardrobes as the sarape to women's accessories as the rebozo to table runners. This beautiful garment has been made for a long time in Mexico as a part of an ancestral artisan tradition. Its use is as versatile as its designs. There is a unique way in which each region makes the rebozo. Weaving these threads together creates a stunning harmony of color that many women and men proudly wear. Proceeds will go directly to the LPA to continue providing professional, leadership and civic engagement events and programs that are accessible and of high quality.
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